Zhejiang CHINT Electrics Co.,Ltd

Year of Est.: 1984

Headquarter: Leqing

Rank: Ranked top 50 Asian listed companies and top 100 china private enterprises

Total Assets (2018.12.31,million RMB) : 47582.56

Total Liabilities (2018.12.31,million RMB) : 25334.54

Net Profits (2018,million RMB) : 3761.76

Core Business: The company is a leading enterprise in the low-voltage electrical appliance market. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of five types of low-voltage electrical products: power distribution electrical appliances, terminal electrical appliances, control electrical appliances, power electrical appliances, and electronic electrical appliances.

Projects in Saudi Arabia:  70kw solar pump system in Hufuf;350 kw rooftop solar system in ministry of energy Jeddah;solar street lighting in Jubail.