Time Limit for Correcting Conditions for Violators of the Anti-Concealment System, Facilities and Exemptions – Who are Beneficiaries of it, Do not Miss the Opportunity!

Hidden and wasted money, which ranges from 300 to 400 billion riyals, in the Kingdom through violators of the anti-concealment system does not enhance the economy nor benefit its owner, and it is a random method that wastes money and violates the system and deviates from the true standards and constants of earning.

Today came the golden opportunity for violators of the anti-concealment system in the Kingdom through the announcement of the Ministry of Commerce and the National Anti-Concealment Program, the start of the regulations for correcting the conditions of those violating the anti-concealment system, which coincides with the validity of the new anti-concealment system, which is the list that includes a corrective period that lasts until 23 August 2021 through it, it is possible to correct the conditions of the violator of the provisions of the system and benefit from the advantages stipulated in the regulations.

The corrective period provides a number of benefits, exemptions and multiple options for violators of the provisions of the system, whether (Saudi or non-Saudi), including exemption from the penalties imposed on him and from paying the income tax retroactively to the Ministry of Trade who applies to the Ministry of Commerce to rectify his situation.

The corrective period also makes it easier for violators to rectify their situation in an easy and easy way by submitting the application through the Ministry of Trade website and correcting it through multiple options.

The government agencies participating in the national program to combat concealment have always said that they will help the applicants to correct their conditions, calling on all violators to correct them so that they are regular investors.

The Kingdom is looking forward to achieving the High Vision 2030, which focuses in many of its stations on combating concealment until reaching a formal and official investment climate, which will benefit the national economy and avoid money leakage and waste in a random way.

These advantages and opportunities offered by the National Anti-Concealment Program and the Ministry of Trade are golden opportunities that are placed in the hands of those who violate the provisions of the system, and they are free assistance for them to get out of this dark tunnel and remove the veil of the concealment that pervades the national economy. From the advisors, do not miss the golden opportunity from your hands, take advantage of these exemptions and benefits, and be as you should be, formal and regular investors, and between March today and August tomorrow, stories you are heroes, we see you with the help of God.