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The Saudi stock market in 2021 records the best performance in 14 years
Stock stock graph on display screen

The Saudi stock market ended the trading of 2021, recording the sixth annual rise in a row, as the index rose by 29.8% during the current year, to close at the end of this year 2021 at 11281.7 points, compared to 8689.5 points at the end of 2020, where the market performance in 2021 is the best in 14 years since it increased by 39.1% in 2007.

And the rises of Saudi stocks this year 2021 are among the seven largest in the history of Saudi stocks.

Saudi stocks rose mainly during 2021 with the support of the achievements of Saudi Vision 2030 during the first five years and the diversification of the local economy, in addition to the rise in oil prices and the launch of a partner program that many listed companies benefit from.

This is in addition to the success in confronting Corona and the return of the economy to strong growth, in addition to the huge government spending through the budget and the Public Investment Fund and the launch of many mega projects.