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The largest in the world: Saudi-Chinese agreement to provide 9 million corona PCR examinations

April 27, 2020

Saudi Arabia and China signed an agreement worth 995 million Saudi riyals on April 26, which includes providing 9 million tests to diagnose the emerging coronavirus.

The contract aims to speed up the provision of tests, devices, supplies, and drugs to deal with the emerging coronavirus.

The contract includes the provision of specialized equipment and 500 Chinese specialists and technicians specializing in the examinations, the establishment of 6 large regional laboratories distributed over the regions of the Kingdom, the training of Saudi cadres, the conduct of daily examinations, and the comprehensive field tests, the analysis of the genetic map of a number of samples within the Kingdom and the analysis of the immunity map in the community for a number of one million samples.

The contract is one of the largest contracts that will provide in-person checks for Coronavirus in the world.