The Communications Commission announces the holding of the first auction of its kind globally for 2100MHz band frequencies for non-terrestrial networks
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The Communications and Information Technology Commission has announced the date of holding the first auction of its kind globally in the frequency band (2100) MHz for Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) for the fifth generation, on August 23, while the auction information and rules document will be published on 26 From next June, within the plan for the commercial and innovative use of the frequency spectrum 2021-2023, and the authority’s strategic direction in enabling modern generation technologies from non-terrestrial networks,

The authority explained that holding the auction enhances its roles as a digital regulator enabling the adoption of emerging wireless technologies and digital transformation in the Kingdom, which will allow coverage of remote sites in the Kingdom with modern technologies for non-terrestrial networks, and that licensing frequencies through the auction will enable the public to obtain high-speed Internet services in aircraft. , in alignment with the National Frequency Spectrum Strategy (2020-2025).

The authority indicated that holding the auction comes within a regulatory environment that stimulates investments in the sector and enhances the efficiency of the distribution and use of the frequency spectrum in the Kingdom, as the frequencies offered in the auction will contribute to the adoption of modern generation technologies from non-terrestrial networks such as the fifth generation via satellite, mobile communications via satellite, and the Internet on Aircraft, as well as the Internet of Things via satellite, high-altitude and low-altitude platforms, and 5G terrestrial and satellite (MSS/CGC) component integration.