The Chinese Embassy in Riyadh Celebrates The International Day of the Arabic Language

SCBC Team – Riyadh

The Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom celebrated the International Day of the Arabic Language, which falls on December 18 of each year, stressing that China meets with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab countries in love for calligraphy as a link to enhance cultural exchange between the Chinese and Arab peoples.

The “Chinese Embassy” published a video report on its official account on the Twitter site, in which a group of Chinese students appeared drawing Arabic and Chinese characters under the title “China and Saudi Arabia… The Year of Arabic Calligraphy.”

The report states: “Since the dawn of history, China and the Arab world have been meeting in love with calligraphy. Chinese characters take a square shape, while Arabic letters are subject to different geometric shapes.”

The report added: “The year 2020 marks the year of Arabic calligraphy, and December 18 marks the International Day of the Arabic Language. We are happy to use calligraphy and language as a link between us, and to participate with our Saudi friends to promote and support this traditional culture that expresses the culture, civilization, and heritage of Arabs.”