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The Chinese Consul in Jeddah: China Made a “Development Miracle” in Eliminating “Poverty”

SCBC Team – Riyadh

The Chinese Consul General in Jeddah, Tan Banglin, appreciated the progress made by his country, China, in eliminating poverty at the level of all regions of the country, describing this as a development miracle in human history to reduce poverty, indicating that this miracle has been achieved by the Chinese government’s adherence to the concept of “the people first.” », Which inspired the motives for establishing coherent systems and devising new poverty reduction plans stemming from the development philosophy of innovation, coordination, openness, and participation.

“Banglin” stated in an article in “Okaz” newspaper, that all 832 poor Chinese provinces had been lifted out of poverty after the provincial government of “Guizhou” announced that the last 9 poor counties in it had all been removed from the poverty list on the 23rd. Last November, according to the regulations related to this standard, at a time during which the incidence of poverty in these provinces was less than 2% and less than 3% in western China.

The Chinese Consul emphasized that the Chinese government has fought a comprehensive national battle to eradicate poverty since 2012, as a basic task and a prominent indicator for building a well-off society in a comprehensive manner, indicating that it has made a miracle in human history to reduce poverty in a way that contributed to its decline by more than 10 Millions of people annually during the past 8 years, after the establishment of the largest social security system in the world, basic medical insurance coverage for more than 1.3 billion people, basic old-age insurance coverage for nearly one billion people, meeting the standard of a minimum living guarantee subsidy in the countryside for all governorates, and achieving “Sufficiency in food and clothing” for those covered by the insurance subsidy.

He added, “It is a miracle in the history of human development that the largest developing country with a population of 1.4 billion places extreme poverty. Reducing poverty has achieved the goals contained in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, 10 years ahead of schedule.”

The miracle of poverty reduction in China not only benefits the Chinese people, but is also of great importance to promote the progress of human rights in the world, improve the efficiency of global governance to reduce poverty, and advance the process of poverty reduction in the world. “

He stressed that the main reason for China to achieve this achievement is the Chinese Communist Party’s adherence to the concept of “the people first”, leaving no one aside in the process of poverty alleviation, and inspiring the people’s self-motivation and their passion for the struggle to get rid of this scourge, build a well-off society, and adhere to With a development philosophy of innovation, coordination, openness, and participation, striving to improve the quality and efficiency of development, developing science and technology, improving the environment, universalizing education, strengthening social security, and promoting balanced regional development in order to share the development dividend for all the poor.

The Chinese Consul General in Jeddah pointed out that the basic strategy for poverty eradication in China was achieved through tight and targeted measures, designing plans according to the different characteristics of each region, taking specific targeted measures for each village and family, making the move to other places for settlement, establishing industries, and developing Tourism, the development of solar photovoltaic projects, environmental compensation measures, as well as the establishment of specialized institutions to implement poverty alleviation policies in all regions of the country, the establishment of an integrated management and performance evaluation system, and an internal dispatch of about 3 million cadres to all poor villages to help the beneficiaries formulate Plans, mobilizing institutions, companies, social organizations and individuals to participate in business to form a strong joint force to alleviate poverty, promote industrialization and urbanization, and continuously invest in building infrastructure and public services in rural areas, increase the financial size of poverty alleviation, and support agriculture.

He added, “In the face of the challenges resulting from the Covid-19 epidemic this year, the Chinese government adhered to the concept of” people first, life first “, and worked to reconcile preventive and combative actions to alleviate poverty, so it took active and orderly measures bound by the existing standards and the time limit for the implementation of various actions. While efforts have been made to overcome the impact of the epidemic on poverty alleviation, problems and difficulties such as travel by poor youth to cities for work, stagnant production, product accumulation, and difficulties in resuming poverty alleviation projects have been solved. … etc., and achieved a series of perfect results. “