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The Big Start

Mr. Mohammed Alajlan

The Saudi-Chinese Business Council is taking confident steps on the path of leadership and a leap towards the desired bright future in supporting relations and investments between our homeland and friendly China, after developing its new vision and supplementing it with a promising commercial and investment methodology, which included many changes and updates in its new session headed by businessman Mr. Muhammad Alajlan And the various honorable members, with the aim of achieving the council’s goals and aspirations that enhance optimism by making ideal investment decisions that guarantee Saudi and Chinese investors the highest returns, and push the wheel of growth in the two countries towards prosperity.

The strong launch of the Council is characterized by various working mechanisms in line with the rapid development in the global economy, and the establishment of a new era based on an exemplary business strategy in which all members and economic decision-makers in our country and China participate in formulating realism and transparency, deepening the new vision, and expanding the ceiling of ambitions from simply achieving traditional economic returns to Acting as an investment catalyst that supports innovation and entrepreneurship, and adopts every promising opportunity to support the Saudi-Chinese market, whether by launching new sectors or by achieving integration, so that it becomes a model for economic integration and a springboard for the largest global investment forces.

The new vision of the Council contributes to making it a compass for companies and investors from our homeland and China, making them always on the right path, and helping them to seize the investment opportunities available in many sectors, including energy, petrochemicals, industry, commerce, technology, tourism and entertainment, and providing means for exchanging expertise and information, and localizing modern technologies. And the preparation of distinguished cadres, and the optimal use of resources; In this way, the Council confirms that it is the first economic and commercial reference for the business community of the two countries, and the effective link in linking the capital with emerging projects.

Strenuous efforts and catalytic innovations are proceeding confidently and steadily in their prescribed path, so they are not hindered by any challenges, even if the huge economic repercussions of the Coronavirus pandemic, which shook the global economy, this global crisis, whether short or long, will inevitably disappear so that the global economic movement will return with it stronger than before after the companies open their investment appetite to compensate for the past time during which promising projects and investment opportunities slowed down, as the role of the private sector in the development process will flourish.

It remains to be noted that the advanced vision of the Saudi-Chinese Business Council will open the horizons for a qualitative leap in Chinese investments in the Kingdom, in terms of quantity and quality, with well-thought-out plans and modern mechanisms directed towards mega projects in manufacturing, infrastructure, tourism and entertainment, in order to enhance the diversification of sources of income, and make An alternative economy to oil that will form a backbone of national income for decades to come, and it will also direct Saudi companies and investors towards advanced fields in China, in line with the requirements of the times, and ensure the localization of advanced experiences such as manufacturing robots, drones, cars, and electronic devices, and delve into the world of technology and virtual reality.