Solar PV: a Paradigm Shift in the Saudi Energy Sector

Everyone, along with the geniuses of language, realizes that the times in the language are one and the same, they are between past, present and future, but what many do not realize is that the great visions and gigantic achievements in history have changed those fixed rules, so the future may become present and the present may be in the preamble of the past and so on, and let us take an example based on the above, renewable energy, that future that many seek has become present in a previous country in which its present is its future, and it is the dream that many countries of the world see today has become a reality in the Kingdom. In the past few days, the Saudi Ministry of Energy announced the readiness to work with small solar PV systems to generate electricity in homes and facilities, which he considers – according to statements by energy experts – a qualitative leap that will add to the Kingdom a new achievement that will be added to its multiple records of achievements and an advanced step towards achieving the Kingdom’s vision 2030,

The Kingdom possesses unique components that enable it to operate with solar photovoltaic energy, as the distinguished location of the Kingdom within the scope of the “global solar belt”, which is a source of the strongest solar radiation in the world, as well as the availability of raw materials such as silicon and the investment of the large and vast area of ​​the country in addition to the financial and investment capacity.

The Kingdom has recently paid more attention to this field, as it launched the King Salman Renewable Energy Program during the investment conference held in Riyadh in April 2017, which includes many important programs in the field of energy, as well as the King Abdullah City for Renewable Energy, and all these ambitious projects come today in the Kingdom in order to diversify the economy, reduce emissions and eliminate the uses of liquid fuels in the energy system.

Today’s announcement of the readiness to work with small photovoltaic energy systems to generate electricity from homes and establishments and connect it to the electrical grid means an environmentally friendly future that supports the economy, saves energy and even a source for the world, as today the attention of many around the world and the global market in the field of energy is directed to the Kingdom as a safe source of sustainable energy and its main source.

The announcement by the Saudi Ministry of Energy also includes the launch of the “Shamsi” portal, which will contribute to knowing the feasibility of solar energy, as well as determining the quantities of consumption and ensuring the effectiveness and safety of operating solar energy systems.

This is how the pace urges the Kingdom speeding towards a future that guarantees energy production and export, to become one of the world’s strongest energy-exporting and environmentally friendly countries, sending a spark of hope to the world in the field of renewable energy.