Signing a memorandum of understanding to attract pioneering projects and educational institutions to Saudi Arabia

The Mohammed bin Salman Foundation “Misk” and the Ministry of Investment announced; Signing a memorandum of understanding to enhance cooperation and attract emerging technology companies, education sector companies, and international educational institutions to the Saudi market. The memorandum of understanding comes in order to coordinate local efforts to develop the entrepreneurship environment and attract promising pioneering opportunities.
The memorandum was signed by the Misk Foundation, Chief Executive Officer of Programs, Engineer Omar bin Muhammad Najjar, and by the Ministry of Investment, the Undersecretary for Investment Development, Fahd bin Jamal Al-Naim. The signing ceremony took place during the Misk Global Forum in its sixth edition in Riyadh, which enjoys wide local and international participation. the range.
Under the agreement; The Ministry of Investment will provide a package of support services to facilitate the entry of local and international entrepreneurial companies into the Saudi market, such as granting licenses to enter the Saudi market for entrepreneurial companies supported by the “Misk Entrepreneurship” track, sponsoring events related to investment support organized by the Misk Foundation, and providing training opportunities on the head Work for the Ministry for the beneficiaries of the “Skills Holding” track programs.
On the other hand, the Mohammed bin Salman Foundation “Misk” will harness its efforts to attract potential companies and investors to the Saudi market, through its network of local and global relations, linking the ministry with entrepreneurs and companies in the events organized by “Misk”, and the Foundation’s participation in representing the Kingdom in international events and forums. In which the ministry participates, represented by the “Invest in Saudi” program.
The CEO of Programs at Misk explained that this memorandum is one of the bonds of cooperation that the Foundation concludes with its local and international partners to harness joint efforts. This contributes to building an environment that attracts and incubates entrepreneurship, and supports the investment environment in the Kingdom.
For his part, the Undersecretary for Investment Development indicated that cooperation with “Misk” is in the Ministry of Investment’s endeavor towards stimulating local investment and attracting foreign investments. Which leads to the consolidation of the Kingdom’s position as a leading investment destination.