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Saudi-Chinese Business Council: “Compass” For Investment and Investors

The Saudi-Chinese Business Council has become the ideal destination for Saudi and Chinese investment and investors wishing to enter the Saudi-Chinese market, drawing on its wide and diversified commercial and investment base from the prosperity of Saudi-Chinese relations during the era of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, As the dynamic of commercial exchange and government and private investments between the Kingdom and China is proceeding at an accelerated and advanced pace, bringing with it promising opportunities and various partnerships in various fields.

In light of the development and economic and developmental changes that the world is witnessing, the Saudi-Chinese Business Council seeks to open new horizons for investors and capital from the Kingdom and China to enter the Saudi-Chinese market by directing them towards many investment offers and promising opportunities, and following investment mechanisms that guarantee saving time. The effort, safe investment, and optimal use of investment incentives, in order to push the wheel of development forward in the two countries, as follows:

With regard to investing in Saudi Arabia, the Council stimulates Chinese companies and Chinese investors to invest in the Kingdom, through its various tasks, activities, events, and offerings, which show Chinese economists the economic advantages that the Kingdom enjoys as the largest free and full economic market in the Middle East, which guarantees ideal profits for the investor. As well as the relative stability of the value of the Saudi currency, the “riyal”, which avoids the risks of price fluctuations, low inflation, and an increase in the value of per capita income, which amounted to about $25,666 in 2019 AD, and is expected to reach $33,500 during the coming period, in addition to a huge package of The concessions and services provided by the Saudi government to investors and industrialists, in order to enhance profit and benefits aspects.

The Council also attracts Chinese investors to the incentives that the Kingdom provides for resident and foreign investors, to ensure the ease of implementing projects and commercial operations, including the possibility of granting investors loans from the Saudi Economic Development Fund or any other party, and facilitating their investment-related transactions by providing all the necessary data and statistics them, ensuring the protection of their properties, exemption from taxes in the event of loss, ensuring the right to liquidate the project if it stumbles and without any restrictions, and equality between all investors, whether Saudi or non-Saudi, in addition to allowing the establishment of joint investment between Saudi or foreign investors on Saudi lands.

As for investing in China, the Saudi-Chinese Business Council works to direct Saudi investors towards the best ways to profit within the Chinese market, by accessing safe investment opportunities and familiarity with all laws within China, which saves time and effort, in addition to optimizing the investment incentives provided by them. Chinese government to foreign investors.

China raised the ceiling of its investment incentives by implementing the foreign investment law in the country, which came into effect on January 1, 2020 AD, to provide more facilities for Arab and foreign capital and investors, and to help them invest in the Chinese market, and it also works to serve the Belt and Road Initiative projects that will pass. More than 70 countries, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, will be an important priority for the Chinese initiative, as the Kingdom is characterized by a strong economy and a strategic location in the heart of the world, linking the markets of the three continents, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

The law on foreign investment in China allowed, except for the requirement of a Chinese partner in the investment business for foreigners, so that the foreign investor would have the ability to invest in the country by 100%, in many sectors, including: the banking sector and the financing sector, and it also allowed direct sales in the Chinese domestic market And it came up with a new, transparent, fair and predictable investment system, and it canceled the classification of companies on domestic and foreign grounds to make everyone one degree, specifically with regard to entering into Chinese government tenders, and the law guaranteed better protection for the interests of investors and their fair participation in the government procurement market, and it also canceled the licenses that compel Foreign companies and investors are encouraged to transfer technology and allow them to participate in reviewing industrial and local standards and proposing recommendations.

The foreign investment law in China opens the doors for Saudi investors to import their products and directly sell them in the Chinese market.