Mr. Muhammad Al-Ajlan: China plays a major role in promoting international free trade and stabilizing global economic growth

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters recently, Mr. Mohammed Al-Ajlan, Vice Chairman of Ajlan & Brothers Holding Group and Chairman of the Saudi-China Business Council, stated that in the complex and volatile global economic environment, the Chinese economy has withstood the pressures and played a major role in promoting international free trade. And stable global economic growth
In this regard, Mr. Muhammad Al-Ajlan believes that China’s economic growth ranks among the best among the major economies in the world, and the integrated development of the modern service industry and advanced manufacturing industry also helps comprehensive economic transformation and modernization, which reflects the continuous improvement of the economic structure.
He noted that Chinese consumption has recovered well, investment has maintained the growth trend, and has shown strong resilience. China’s service consumption is recovering at an accelerated pace, and it is believed that the demand side will gradually recover, which will have a positive impact on the gradual stabilization of industrial production in the future.