“Made in Saudi Arabia”… A Program that Promotes the National Product Locally and Internationally

The 28th of next March was not a passing history in the Kingdom, as the local, regional, and global commercial and industrial circles are awaiting the new launch of the “Made in Saudi Arabia” program, which aims to support national products at the local and global levels, under the generous patronage of His Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

This announcement comes out of the government’s keenness to encourage the national product and enhance its promotion in the local and global milieu in a way that raises the status of the national product and enhances its competitiveness, as well as sends a spirit of confidence among the citizen and enhances awareness of the concept of the national product and local factories at various levels.

It is worth noting that the Saudi product is characterized by many features and characteristics that raise its competitiveness among products at the local and global level.

The Saudi Export Development Authority stated that the launch of the program will take place through a virtual event through which the slogan “Made in Saudi Arabia” will be revealed, which provides a unified identity for Saudi products and services that represent the official identity to promote Saudi products and services locally and internationally.

The “Made in Saudi Arabia” program is one of the goals of the 2030 economic vision, which aims to diversify sources of income and support the national economy.

Specialists expect that the Made in Saudi program will include, in its first track, the process of improving industries and drafting them into a Saudi identity with global specifications, so that they can master the global market, and the other path is the art of marketing these products through the formulation of marketing strategies for these products.

Many specialists also expect that this program will become an important tributary of the national economy by creating job opportunities, developing local industries, and entering them into the field of global competitiveness.