Huawei confirms its commitment to support digital transformation in the Kingdom
Digital business and technology

At the opening of the LEAP 2022 Technology Innovation Conference in Riyadh, Ju Ping announced that Huawei will build a dedicated cloud computing area in the Kingdom, and the launch of “HUAWEI Cloud” will contribute to providing advanced and secure cloud services to facilitate the work of local companies, institutions and government agencies in Kingdom and throughout the region.

Ju Ping added that the cloud zone will provide new value at the social and economic levels in the Kingdom and the Middle East in line with digital development strategies, and pointed out that the company’s decision comes within the framework of supporting many of the ambitious plans implemented by the Kingdom to become one of the 20 largest technical economies in the world This will contribute to diversifying the local sectors and advancing social and economic development.

Joe said: “The strategies for implementing digital transformation are witnessing a global consensus, and companies around the world have increased their reliance on digital technologies over the past three years, as their revenues have increased 5 times faster than companies that did not enhance their reliance on digital technologies, and we are working with our customers.” Our partners and developers are developing solutions and services aimed at advancing digital transformation in the region, and the Huawei official’s participation in the opening of the LEAP conference reflects the company’s presence in the Saudi market and its commitment to contribute to the completion of digital transformation stages in the Kingdom and the Middle East, as it cooperates with local telecommunications companies to provide connectivity For more than 5.5 million people in remote areas.

Over the past seventeen years, Huawei has worked to ensure Saudi telecom networks, especially during major events and seasons such as Hajj, which requires stable, high-quality networks. Huawei has also cooperated with major companies in the Kingdom such as Aramco to implement smart oil field operations. It also contributed to nurturing artificial intelligence talents, as Joe indicated Huawei’s intention to continue supporting the Kingdom’s efforts, which aim to make the country at the forefront of countries that follow a comprehensive approach to artificial intelligence, which will contribute to providing smarter platforms in many areas such as learning the Arabic language. Research and development in the field of pharmacy, disease detection and others.

It is worth noting that the LEAP conference will be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh for the first time from February 1 to 3, 2021, and many leading technology companies, founders of innovative startups and investment capital owners will participate in the conference to discuss the opportunities and possibilities offered by the digital economy, and Huawei will participate in the conference LEAP has a large presence as it showcases its diverse capabilities in information and communication technology from the Kingdom to the Middle East.