Historic Reforms Place the Kingdom at the Forefront of Countries in Empowering Women

The Kingdom continues its global race, and day after day, Saudi Arabia is proving that it is the homeland of success in many fields and it tops the lists of global reports in its successes and achievements, in a recent report issued by the World Bank Group that aims to compare the level of discrimination in gender systems in the field of economic development and entrepreneurship. The report indicated that Saudi Arabia made progress estimated at ten points compared to last year, as it achieved 70.6 points out of 100 points in the year 2020, to become the most reformed in the systems, laws and regulations related to the empowerment of women among (190) countries and thus be the first in the Gulf and the second in the Arab world, and it has achieved new progress for the year. It is second in a row by scoring 80 points out of 100 points, raising its ranking among the top countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

This progress that preceded and progressed would not have borne fruit without generous government support for the sake of empowering women in economic life and making women a basic partner in the process of economic development, and major reforms in the field of empowering women have pushed the global assessment of Saudi Arabia to advanced ranks, as the reforms included non-discrimination. In working between men and women, as well as allowing women to work in many new sectors, it also included encouraging women to assume leadership positions.

The Saudi government has provided many facilities in this aspect, including the (Wusool) program, which aims to find solutions that reduce transportation costs for female workers, as well as contribute to creating job stability for them, as well as the initiative (encouraging remote work) that aims to create a suitable atmosphere for work and attract National Manpower and other targeted initiatives and programs.

All these reforms in the field of women’s empowerment come out of a firm belief in the mental capabilities of Saudi women and the assimilation of these energies and capabilities in promoting economic development and the advancement of Saudi women is the full advancement of the nation as a basic partner in the development and construction process.