Hi-Target Middle East FZE

Year of Est.: 1999

Headquarter: Guangzhou

Rank: First listed professional high-precision surveying and mapping instrument manufacturer and solution provider in China; a worldwide brand with reliable products in over 100 countries now

Total Assets (2018.12.31,million RMB) : 2,789.00

Total Liabilities (2018.12.31,million RMB) : 678.03

Net Profits (2018,million RMB) : 144.20

Core Business: The company is specialized in R & D, production, and sales of high-precision satellite navigation positioning system (GNSS) software and hardware products, and provides systems engineering solutions and related services based on high-precision GNSS technology. The company’s main products include high-precision measurement GNSS product series, ultrasonic digital depth sounder series, GIS data acquisition system, marine engineering application integration system and geological disaster monitoring system, etc., which can be widely used in surveying and mapping, land planning, ocean development, digital Agriculture and forestry and other national economy in more than 40 fields.

Projects in Saudi Arabia:  Hi-target GNSS RTK receiver iRTK5 for land surveying project in Saudi.