Bandar Mohamed Al Amare

Executive Committee Member

Chairman of Alameriah investment company


  • Bachelor of Science security


  • Chairman of Alameriah investment company

Decorations and medals:

  • Medal of the battle in 1412
  • Medal of security in 1416
  • Medal military estimate of second degree from the Royal Court in 1418
  • Merit medal of the third degree of the Royal Court in 1419.
  • Medal of the centenary in 1419.
  • Wissam King Faisal of the fourth degree of the President of the Royal Protocol in 1420.
  • Medal of Bowler in 1420.
  • Wissam liberate Kuwait from Kuwait 1421.
  • Medal of the rescue from the Interior Ministry in 1425.
  • Medal of military service for the first time from the Director of Public Security 1421.
  • Medal of Courage from the Interior Ministry in 1407.

Practical experience and training:

  • Member of the Real Estate Committee- Housing Committee- previously
  • Member of the Saudi British Business Council
  • Member of the Saudi-Chinese Business Council
  • A course in management
  • English Language course
  • French language course
  • Operating system cycle and the introduction of data in 1416
  • Diplomatic affairs course in 1416
  • Own diplomatic course in 1414
  • Qualifying session for officers in 1409
  • Stalking and storming session in 1415
  • Shooting course on specialized gun in 1425
  • A course in keeping order in 1425
  • Explosives and anti-terrorism course in 1425
  • Induction program cycle wanted a system in 1425