Early Ripe Fruits From the New Riyadh Strategy

Only a few weeks have passed since the announcement of the new Riyadh strategy announced by His Highness, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, until the attention of many international companies turns towards this ambitious capital, and in an early step this strategy reaps its first fruits by signing 24 international companies agreements with the government to establish regional headquarters for them In Riyadh, including (PepsiCo) and (Schlumberger) and other international companies.

This early step by international companies did not come until after the great economic facilities provided by the Kingdom to investors and to take advantage of the new advantages of the investment sector.

The signing of 24 international companies to establish regional offices for them in Riyadh means that Riyadh will become, in a short time, the destination of global investment and the focus of attention for many international investors and companies, and these regional offices of global companies will attract investors and businessmen from the region and the world.

The Saudi environment incubating for investment and great government support, in addition to the multiple facilities added by the Riyadh strategy, will bring more global companies and businessmen and will form with the economic power in Riyadh a global economic industrial city as outlined by the ambitious strategy of His Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the new Riyadh strategy to achieve High Vision 2030.

Within the program to attract headquarters within the framework of the Riyadh Strategy, the Kingdom is working to provide many incentives and advantages that raise its competitiveness regionally and globally to attract those headquarters and give them sufficient time to move without affecting their work, and attract headquarters for international companies is expected to make a quantum leap in the national economy, as well as providing thousands opportunities for young people to work there.