About The Saudi Chinese Business Council

The Saudi Chinese Business Council was established in 2003 based on the Saudi Chinese Friendship Association which was established after starting the diplomatic relations amongst both countries and the business council replaced the friendship association.

The council brings an elite of Saudi businessmen who deals with China and includes about +100 members of investors and traders and industrials in various sectors.

The Saud Chinese Business Council Objectives

1. Promoting communication and cooperation between business sectors in both countries.

2. Provide facilitations and supporting the relations of businessmen.

3. Promoting understanding and information exchange.

4. Training and expertise exchange.

5. Initiatives and future programs.

6. Activating and supporting agreements and facing challenges.

Supporting communication and cooperation between business sectors in both countries.

  • Holding forums and business meetings.
  • Commercial and investment delegations visit exchange
  • Facilitation of participating in exhibits in both countries.

Providing facilitation and supporting relationship of businessmen

  • Supporting establishing communication office for the Chinese companies in KSA which was later altered to become the Chinese Companies Association in KSA under the superVision of the Commercial attaché of the Chinese Embassy in Riyadh.
  • Granting Saudi businessmen, especially the members of the business council, multiple entry visa for two years.

Increase the level of understanding and information exchange

Holding workshops with specialists and academics in both countries to discuss the topics of interest for both parties and to increase the level of understanding and improve communication between all competent authorities regarding Saudi Chinese relations including the research center and other topics.

Training and expertise exchange

Participate in training courses in China for members of the Saudi Chambers Council and the Trade Chambers in the kingdom.

Future initiatives and programs

  • Opening a focal point office in China for the Saudi Chinese Business Council
  • Promote and support Saudi private sector participation in the belt and road initiative
  • Linking the business council initiatives and activities with the objectives and programs of the belt and road.

Activating agreements and processing challenges

  • Review the agreement signed between the Saudi Chambers Council and the Chinese Council to Promote International Trade and looking into the implementation challenges.
  • Identifying the most important challenges in implementing agreements and MOU’s signed between businessmen in both countries and contribute in facing it.

Eng. Abdullah Almobty - Former President of the Council

Abdulrahman AlJeraisy - Former President of the Council