Tourism Committee


To be a channel for documenting and consolidating the relationship between service providers and investors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the People’s Republic of China in the fields of tourism through sustainable tourism development and working hand in hand with the ministries of tourism between the two countries and their affiliated entities to develop tourism in its comprehensive concept to highlight their religious, cultural, heritage, civilizational and historical treasures through the ages .


To work to support and develop the tourism sector by concluding strategic partnerships to develop tourism investments and programs and to work to ensure their success by adopting training and rehabilitation programs and exchanging skills between the two countries


Tour Programs:

  • Cultural Tourism Programs
  • Marine Tourism Programs
  • Wild Tourism programs


Programs of conferences, festivals, and exhibitions:

  • Religious educational and cultural conferences
  • Cultural festivals, arts, and painting
  • Industrial and commercial fairs
  • Sports and Equestrian Championships


Tourism and leisure investment programs:

  • Tourism investment in historical areas
  • Tourism investment in coastal areas
  • Tourism investment in mountainous areas
  • Tourism investment in desert areas
  • Healthy tourism investment


Educational and training programs:

  • Qualification of workers in the travel and tourism sector
  • Rehabilitation of travel and tourism sector companies and offices

Committee president

Dr. Faisal Muhammad Ali Ghabra

Committee members from the Saudi side




Committee members from the Chinese side