Real Estate Committee


To be at the forefront of developers in the real estate sector by strengthening the relationship between service providers and investors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the People’s Republic of China in the real estate fields through sustainable development of the sector and working hand in hand with businessmen and ministries between the two countries and their affiliates to develop real estate investment in both countries.


To work to support and develop the real estate sector by concluding strategic partnerships to develop real estate investments and work to ensure their success.


  • Encouraging bilateral partnership between real estate investors and sector leaders between the two countries
  • Work to face the challenges facing the sector and its investors in both friendly countries
  • Providing decision-makers in the two countries with special economic studies, exchanging real estate experiences, and collecting information, data, and statistics related to real estate work
  • Studying new real estate projects and partnership opportunities between the pioneers of the sector in the two countries

Committee president

Ms. Mashael bin Saedan

Committee members from the Saudi side

  1. Dr. Fadi Al-Fayyad
  2. Sulafa Jaberti
  3. Li Zi