Entrepreneurship Committee


  • Influencing the development of the entrepreneurial community in both countries.
  • Increasing innovative business opportunities in the market.
  • Provide a forum for discussing ideas and policies with influential decision-makers.
  • Building the future of the entrepreneurial community by lobbying and representing the interests of the Saudi-Chinese Business Council to meet Vision 2030 and the “Belt and Road” initiative by the Committee President Dr. Fahad Al-Arjani.


  • Promoting sustainable and innovation-based economic entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia and China


  • Providing global brand promotion services for the products of Saudi and Chinese companies.
  • Organizing a series of project activities to achieve core values: project opportunities, exchange of director visits, think tank forums, hosting large-scale industry events, building new business values.
  • Arranging a high-level visit to obtain information and support from the government.

Committee president

Dr. Fahad Al-Arjani

Committee members from the Saudi side

  1. Amal Al-Otaibi
  2. Azzaz al-Azzaz
  3. Ali bin Ali

Committee members from the Chinese side

  1. Chengli Shu
  2. Alex Yu
  3. Megan Jing Li

Committee members from the Chinese side

  • vivo
  • LONGi
  • JCL Poly
  • fiberhome
  • yidoo
  • tian ying
  • Thinkforce
  • any mega
  • Sense
  • to manage you
  • link
  • GFS Express
  • Daewoo
  • Zong Hui