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Chinese “Xiaomi” Overtakes “Apple” to Become the Largest Supplier of Wearable Bracelets

Chinese technology giant Xiaomi surpassed Apple to become the largest supplier of wearable bracelets in the second quarter of this year 2021. 8 million units during the mentioned period, occupying about 20% of the market share.

Apple came with 7.9 million units, while Huawei ranked third with 3.7 million shipments.

It is worth noting that “Xiaomi” has accelerated the release of the Mi 6 bracelet, which is more attractive than its predecessors, and the company has focused on basic watches, all of which helped it boost its shipments of wristbands by 1.3 million units during the same period.

According to Canalys, the volume of wearable bracelets shipments globally during the second quarter of this year 2021, about 40.9 million units of devices, an increase of 5.6% year on year compared to last year.