“Chinese TV” Celebrates The Achievements of The Saudi-Chinese Business Council

SCBC Team – Riyadh

China Television Network “CGTN” celebrated the achievements of the Saudi-Chinese Business Council over the past year in promoting trade and investment partnership between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the People’s Republic of China, praising the Council’s efforts to improve the joint business environment and stimulate mutual investments between the two countries.

Under the title “The China-Saudi Business Council Contributes to Enhancing Investment and Trade Partnerships”, “Chinese TV” published a lengthy report on the role of the “Council” in supporting bilateral cooperation and partnerships between the private sector and companies in the two countries, indicating that the Council launched a package of new development measures aimed to find more investment opportunities and areas of partnership and exchange of experiences, including: “Preparing specialized economic studies to discuss ways to enhance economic synergy between the two sides, exchange experiences, information and trade delegations, hold exhibitions, investment forums and meetings, and form specialized committees in various economic sectors to enhance investment growth, and supporting the comprehensive and sustainable development process in the two countries.

For his part, businessman Mr. Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Al-Ajlan, Chairman of the Saudi-Chinese Business Council, told “Chinese TV” that the Kingdom is the largest trading partner of China in the region, stressing that the Council seeks to enhance trade exchange between the two countries and attract Chinese investments, by introducing Investment incentives in the Kingdom.

Alajlan indicated that the Business Council had conducted a new economic study to identify the requirements of Chinese companies and businessmen to invest in the Kingdom, explaining that it was presented to the Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman, and officials in the Saudi and Chinese governments, expressing his hope for that this study is an additional building block in the development of relations between the two countries, supporting the volume of investment and attract Chinese businessmen to invest in the Kingdom.

The President of the Business Council added: “The Republic of China is a large and great country, and the economy is growing rapidly and steadily, as it is important to the Kingdom, and the Kingdom is important to China, as it is a major supplier and reliable source for supplying crude oil to China, as both countries are aware of this importance and advantage in the other country.”