“Chinese – European” media Cooperation to Enhance Mutual Trust and Solidarity in Facing The Coronavirus

SCBC Team – Riyadh

China Media Group organized a virtual cloud forum in cooperation with 25 media institutions from 16 European countries, under the slogan: “Mutual trust, dialogue, cooperation and win-win”, as part of Sino-European efforts to enhance bilateral media synergy.

The “Media Forum” witnessed dialogues with 28 participants from the European Media Foundation, before concluding its activities with the issuance of a joint statement by representatives of the media from both sides, during which they urge cooperation between the Chinese and European media, to help each other and solidarity to combat the emerging Coronavirus epidemic And consolidating the confidence of the international community.

For his part, Chairman of the China Media Group, Chen Haixiong, delivered a keynote speech at the forum, during which he stressed the existence of broad consensus and common interests between China and Europe in supporting and practicing multilateralism, advancing global cooperation to combat the Corona epidemic, jointly promoting global economic recovery, and dealing with climate change.

During his speech, “Xiong” offered 3 proposals regarding media cooperation between the two sides, the first of which is to deepen cooperation in covering the anti-epidemic work, the second: to enhance mutual visits and other exchanges between media professionals, and the third: to push forward the building of the cooperation mechanism.

He added, “Our common views go far beyond our differences, and dialogue, cooperation, and exchanges between all Chinese and European media will head towards a new phase of rapprochement and deepening that will be more realistic.”