China’s auto market grows 21% on record sales of electric vehicles
Electric car on electric car charging station. Power supply for electric car charging. Clean energy

China’s auto market continues to grow thanks to a boom in electric vehicle sales in the country.

And the Chinese passenger car industry authority in Beijing announced that the number of cars sold increased by 21% year on year to reach 1.95 million cars in September.
Sales of cars powered by at least partly an electric motor rose 83% to 611,000 vehicles.

According to “German,” the Chinese car company “BYD” delivered more than 200,000 cars in one month for the first time.
The American electric car company, Tesla, also recorded a record number of sales, with more than 83,000 cars in one month, after increasing production capacity at its factory in Shanghai.

It is noteworthy that China is the largest auto market in the world and often plays a major role in the bottom lines of foreign car companies.
China is also the single most important market for German carmakers Volkswagen including Audi, Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz.