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China is ready to provide the world with “peaceful nuclear technology”

SCBC Team – Riyadh

China, said by one of its top nuclear scientist Xing Jie, expressed its willingness to further strengthen its international cooperation on the peaceful use of nuclear energy and share nuclear technology from its new third-generation reactor, which has entered into commercial use.

The “Hualong-1” reactor, which operates Unit No. 5 in Fucheng City, Fujian Province, east China, is the first peaceful nuclear power unit in China to be locally developed with third-generation technology, with the aim of generating electricity for sale.

Chinese scientist Xing Jie, who is the chief designer of “Hualong-1” and chief engineer of the China Nuclear Power Engineering Corporation, affirmed his country’s readiness to provide countries of the world with Hualong technology, especially the main components and personnel training, expressing the aspiration for broader cooperation with countries of the world in the development of new technologies for nuclear energy.

This comes at a time during which China is making great activity within international organizations concerned with the field of nuclear energy, foremost of which is the International Atomic Energy Agency; to enhance international technological exchanges, as well as the important Chinese role in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), which is the largest nuclear fusion experiment in the world, in addition to its activities with the rest of the world in facing challenges in this regard.