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Cancellation of customs declaration issuance fees for Saudi exports
Truck carrying cargo for export

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority has abolished customs declaration issuance fees on Saudi exports, with the aim of enabling exports of local industries, facilitating their customs procedures, and enhancing the export environment in the Kingdom.

The authority explained that it has begun to apply this to all Saudi exports, and in this regard indicated that this step will contribute to supporting the national industries sector, promoting its growth, facilitating export operations and related logistical services, in addition to supporting the goals and aspirations of the Kingdom to raise its international competitiveness.

The export statement means the declaration submitted by the exporter or his authorized representative, which includes specifying the distinguishing elements of the declared goods and their quantities in detail in accordance with the provisions of the unified customs system (law).

This initiative presented by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority is an extension of the efforts it has made to support and enable Saudi exports, including its adoption of the list of deposit areas and warehouses, the adoption of several new regions and bonded warehouses, and the signing of many agreements in this regard, as this contributes to facilitating export operations. import and improve their supply chain management and supply chain management capabilities and improve trade flow.