Branch of Sinopec International Petroleum Service Corporation

Year of Est.: 1994

Headquarter: Beijing

Rank: China’s largest integrated petroleum engineering and technology service provider as well as the first to offer offshore oil/gas exploration services.

Total Assets (2018.12.31,million RMB) : 60904.71

Total Liabilities (2018.12.31,million RMB) : 55126.31

Net Profits (2018,million RMB) : 142.06

Core Business: The company has five major business sectors: geophysics, drilling engineering, logging and logging, downhole special operations and engineering construction, covering the entire industrial chain process from exploration, drilling, completion, oil and gas production, oil and gas gathering and transportation to abandoned wells.

Projects in Saudi Arabia:  S62 project’s seismic vibrators in operation;Sinopec Rig operation worksite; Tunnel & bridge construction project in Jedda; Yanbu-Madina water transmission project; Manifa project,pipeline layout construction over the bridge.