Branch of China National Chemical Engineering Seven Co.,Ltd

Year of Est.: 1964

Headquarter: Chengdu

Rank: NA

Total Assets (2018.12.31,million RMB) : 5384.92

Total Liabilities (2018.12.31,million RMB) : NA

Net Profits (2018,million RMB) : 191.07

Core Business: The company has four first-level general contracting qualifications and two first-level professional contracting qualifications, with Grade A qualifications for chemical engineering design in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. At the same time, it can also undertake the construction of highway, thermal power and other engineering construction projects. The company has the right to operate abroad, and can carry out foreign business cooperation such as foreign engineering contracting, exporting equipment and materials, outsourcing labor services, and setting up overseas enterprises.

Projects in Saudi Arabia:  SABIC pcQ2 project;SABIC jubail pcQ2 tank farm project;royal mission al ras-hall labor camp project;mosque,dining room,refrigeration store room,gym,portable cabin foundation project.