Branch of China Huanqiu Contracting and Engineering Corporation

Year of Est.: 1953

Headquarter: Beijing

Rank: Among the ENR’s top 225 international contractors and top 200 international design firms for 19 years in a row

Total Assets (2018.12.31,million RMB) : 93754.00

Total Liabilities (2018.12.31,million RMB) : 70242.57

Net Profits (2018,million RMB) : 957.48

Core Business: The main business is petroleum engineering design, construction and general contracting, with oil and gas field surface engineering services, storage and transportation engineering services, refining and chemical engineering services, environmental engineering services, and project management services as the core.

Projects in Saudi Arabia:  Upgrade onshore flare system at safaniya gas plant;umm wu’al epc project beneficiation plant package 3A.