Al-Kuwaiz: The volume of managed assets for investment funds amounted to 530 billion riyals
Investors are pointing to laptops that have investment information stock markets

Muhammad Al-Quwaiz, Chairman of the Capital Market Authority, said that increasing investment rates requires different and diversified financing sources. Here comes the role of the financial market in financing emerging projects and sectors.

Al-Kuwaiz added in his speech during the financial sector dialogues that the volume of assets managed in investment funds amounts to about 526 billion riyals, which has grown at an annual rate of 15% over the past five years, and the number of subscribers in these funds exceeded 675 thousand subscribers.

Al-Kuwaiz said that the growth and diversification of assets over the past years were supported by the modernization of financial market institutions’ regulations and investment funds’ regulations and the launch of a law for special-purpose entities that facilitated the work of investment funds.