Addressing 133 domestic and external obstacles facing Saudi exporters

The Saudi Export Development Authority was able to address 133 domestic and external obstacles facing Saudi exporters and find effective solutions that ensure their empowerment and support to access international markets in cooperation with the relevant authorities, which comes as part of its relentless pursuit to achieve one of its most important strategic goals represented in facilitating the comprehensive journey of exporters Improving the efficiency of the export environment.

The authority worked to monitor these obstacles through the “Solve Export Obstacles” service, which it provides electronically to its customers, allowing them to raise the internal obstacles facing all national companies on their export journey related to the obstacles they face in export regulations and requirements inside the Kingdom with the relevant authorities.

In addition to the external obstacles concerned with international obstacles to the process of exporting to foreign countries, examining the procedures and legislation related to import in these countries and devising appropriate solutions to help exporters, which amounted to more than 162 obstacles raised by exporters, of which 133 have been permanently addressed, and 29 of them are restricted The review confirms the authority’s keenness to put the needs of exporters at the center of its work and that it works continuously to devise appropriate solutions that achieve distinction for national companies and contribute to their access to and competition in international markets.

The “Solving Export Obstacles” service is an extension of a number of services and initiatives provided by the authority, such as: building the capacity of exporters with training and workshops, in addition to supporting exporters with incentives and helping them find buyers through participation in international exhibitions and trade missions, through export guides, which are an important means to help exporters to make their own decisions to access priority countries and markets.

It is noteworthy that “Saudi Exports” operates according to ambitious plans through which it seeks to be a major driver for achieving sustainable growth in the Kingdom’s non-oil exports and to contribute to raising its percentage to at least 50% of the gross domestic product by 2030 to be a tributary to the national economy in integration with the public and private sectors. .