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A Record Increase in The Production of “Cereals” in China During the Year 2020

SCBC Team – Riyadh

Data from the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics showed that China’s grain production increased by (0.9%) on an annual basis during the year 2020, reaching about (670) billion kg.

The “authority” indicated that the volume of Chinese grain production for the current year has increased by (5.65) billion kg over last year so that this year is the sixth consecutive year in which the total volume of grain production in the country exceeds (650) billion kg.

The increase in the size of the Chinese grain harvest coincides with Chinese efforts that have managed to control the disruption of agriculture as a result of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), especially at the level of ensuring the transfer of agricultural materials and strengthening the management of agriculture.

For his part, Li Guoqiang, an official with the Chinese Statistics Authority, said that the bumper harvest has laid a solid foundation for China to deal with complex and volatile domestic and international environments, overcome risks and challenges, achieve building a moderately prosperous society in various respects and win the battle against poverty.