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A Chinese Boom in “Quantum Computing” is 10 Billion Times Faster Than a Google Computer

SCBC Team – Riyadh

The Chinese news agency, Xinhua, said that a Chinese research team has made a big breakthrough in the field of comprehensive quantum computing, by designing a prototype of a quantum computer named “Jiuzhang”, through which it can detect up to 76 photons through standard simulation algorithms.

The Chinese agency indicated that the new Chinese quantum computer is capable of performing certain calculations 100 trillion times faster than the most powerful supercomputer currently in existence, and is also about 10 billion times faster than the global quantum computer capabilities of Google.

It is noteworthy that the company «Google» announced in 2019 AD, the development of a quantum computer capable of calculating a certain amount of information within only 200 seconds, so that supercomputers can only calculate this same amount of information during a period of 10 thousand years.

The agency explained that the Chinese “Jiuzhang” quantum computer is an achievement on the path of comprehensive quantum computing, which is also known as quantum superiority, “which guarantees the achievement of tremendous speed in this field,” explaining that the study carried out by the Chinese research team used samples called a boson by the Gaussian method. , Which is a conventional simulation algorithm, in providing a highly efficient method for achieving quantum computational acceleration in finding solutions to some well-defined tasks.

The agency quoted members of the research team as their assertion that no conventional computer can perform the same task within a reasonable period of time, and it is unlikely that improvements to the algorithm or classic computer equipment will exceed this speed.