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4.5 million visitors in the ‘Riyadh season’, including more than 300 thousand tourists from different countries of the world

The Riyadh Season 2021 achieved within a month exceptional unprecedented numbers, as the number of attendees exceeded 4.5 million visitors, including citizens, residents, and tourists from inside and outside the Kingdom, whether at the level of Arab or international countries, while the number of jobs it provided reached more than 122,000 jobs, including 37 One thousand direct jobs, and 85 thousand indirect jobs.

These numbers come, according to what was stated by His Excellency the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Entertainment Turki bin Abdul Mohsen Al Sheikh, where he explained that the number of attendees was distributed among 3.6 million visitors from Riyadh, and 620 thousand visitors from different regions of the Kingdom, while the number of arrivals for the season was from The Gulf countries are more than 163,000 people, while the number of visitors from different countries of the world exceeded 145,000.

The Riyadh season 2021 was distinguished by its high numbers in various fields, as it exceeded the expectations of all optimists, as the number of tourist visas reached more than 40,000 visas from about 104 countries from around the world. These countries topped Britain with more than 9.2 thousand visitors, then the United States The Americans came with 9 thousand visitors, followed by France with 3.3 thousand visitors, Canada with 2.9 thousand visitors, then Italy, from which about 2.3 thousand visitors came.

The Riyadh Season 2021, which is considered the most prominent entertainment destination in the Kingdom, was launched on the 20th of last October and includes 14 entertainment areas distributed throughout the city of Riyadh, namely: Boulevard Riyadh City, Via Riyadh, Combat Field, Al-Atria, Oasis, The Groves Riyadh, Winterland, Riyadh Front, Al Murabba, Riyadh Pulse, Riyadh Safari, Peace Tree, Khalluha District, Zaman Village.

The 2021 Riyadh season includes more than 7,500 days of activities, about 10 international exhibitions, more than 350 theatrical shows, in addition to an international car exhibition and auction, more than 70 cafes, 200 restaurants, an electronic games tournament, and more than 100 interactive experiences.