10,707 thousand factories in Saudi Arabia with investments of 1.37 trillion riyals
stone crusher in a quarry. mining industry. porphyry rock mineral.

The volume of investments in the Saudi industrial sector until last August amounted to 1,370 trillion riyals, while the total number of factories in the Kingdom reached 10,707.

According to the “Monthly Bulletin of Industry and Mining” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, the number of mining licenses in force in the sector until the end of August reached 2,159, including 1,367 building materials quarries, 558 exploration, 168 exploitation, 37 surveys and 29 surplus mineral ores.

The bulletin indicated that the number of new industrial licenses since the beginning of 2022 amounted to 646 licenses, with investments amounting to 18 billion riyals, while 811 factories started production operations during the same period with investments amounting to 22.4 billion riyals, while the industrial sector provided 35,000 job opportunities during the same period.