ʺThe Kingdom’s portsʺ recorded 865,000 containers during last March
Crane lifting shipping containers at the seaport

During the month of March 2022, Saudi ports recorded an increase in the volume of handling tons by 0.09%, with a total of about 25 million tons, and the number of handled containers by 2.5%, with a total of about 865 thousand containers, compared to the same period in 2021.

According to the statistical figures issued by Mawani, Saudi ports also recorded an increase in a number of other operational indicators, including an increase in the number of transshipment containers by 17%, with a total of about 503 thousand containers, an increase in the number of passengers by 84.2%, or 98 thousand passengers, and an increase in the number of cars By 15.5%, with a total of more than 78 thousand cars.

On the other hand, Saudi ports recorded a decrease in the number of imported livestock by 73.4%, by about 105,000 heads of livestock, as well as a decrease in the number of ships by 1.27%, with a total of 1,091 vessels, as a result of supply and demand in light of the challenges facing maritime transport and global supply chains.

It is worth noting that the General Ports Authority continues to work on developing a sustainable and prosperous maritime sector and enabling its economic and social ambitions through its corporate strategy aimed at developing a sustainable and thriving maritime sector, which contributes to consolidating the Kingdom’s position as a global logistical center that contributes to achieving the objectives of the maritime transport sector and is in line with the National Transport Strategy and logistics services, and supports the programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.